CRP Agency periodically delivers two workshops of Corporate Communication in English. Media Training & Press Office and Crowdfunding are the two main topics of the CRP workshops.

Corporate Communication and its specificities cannot be improvised. CRP Agency aims at training professionals who would like to understand better how classical and digital media work, how a press office can be useful for their business and how to objectively measure its performance.

The convergence of classical media into the web is changing mass communication. How? Come to CRP workshops and discover it.

Media Training & Press Office

How do we effectively tackle an interview?

How do we deliver the best possible message?


How do we set up a crowd funding campaign?

What are the most effective strategies?

Michele Caracciolo di Brienza is an expert on media relations and adjunct faculty member at IFM Business School in Corporate Communication. Since 2014 he is partner at Agence CRP, a PR agency specialized in the luxury industry. Previously he worked for almost a decade as corporate editor in a major corporation in Geneva and, before that, as a journalist for Agence France Presse in Milan. He has contributed to La Stampa and Il Giornale. Michele holds a BA in Economic History from Università Bocconi, a Master’s Degree in International History from The Graduate Institute and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communications from the University of Geneva.